Hitch A Ride

Hello everyone!


Long time no blog – things have been busy with dissertationing at my end, and to be honest, after the last entry, I decided to have a bit of a break from writing.

Things are going to be a bit more upbeat today, and I’ll be giving you all some information on two awesome events that are coming up in August that you’re all welcome to go along and join in with!

On the 16th August in Bristol and the 30th August in Edinburgh, VSO and Restless Development will be joining forces to stage ‘Hitch A Ride’, a day involving returned volunteers, the public and…….wait for it……………A FLEET OF RICKSHAWS.


Just take a moment to let that last bit sink in.


Not quite a bajaj, but close enough

Not quite a bajaj, but close enough




The idea is to get the public to speak to returned volunteers (old, young, ICS, long-term) about international development. We want to hear your opinions on all things to do with development: the aid budget, the countries that are supported through different projects, the work that gets done overseas, the people that are impacted, or even whether you think it’s a complete waste of time and money. You’ll have the chance to speak to a wide range of people who have actually been there and done the work we’re touching on, and have your questions answered.

This is where the rickshaws come in.

(This is the good bit)

There will be a fleet of rickshaws, each one containing a returned volunteer. If you want to, you can jump in alongside them and hitch a ride round Bristol or Edinburgh, and hear their stories of development. Everyone’s will be totally different, and hopefully put some of the misconceptions about international development to rest. You’ll be able to chat with someone who has seen the work that happens overseas, who has helped it take place, and met the people that are helped by it. They’ll be able to tell you the stories of the people they worked with; their struggles and their triumphs.

We’ll be capturing the day in as many different ways as possible: tweeting, blogging, Facebook-ing, photography, film and music. The public will also get the chance to capture their ‘before and after’ reactions to development, and see on a map where the different volunteer stories are coming from.

You’ll notice the use of ‘we’ throughout those descriptions, and that’s because I’M GOING TO BE IN EDINBURGH. I’m a tad excited about this. The stall/tent/rickshaw terminal will be stationed in The Meadows, and as far as I know, things will be kicking off around 10am until the late afternoon.

So if you’re going to be near either one of these locations on the day, drop by and say hello! Have a shot in a rickshaw (I can’t wait) and get yourself inspired.

You can find out more about Hitch a Ride here, as well as VSO and Restless Development’s Voices for Development campaign, which the events are part of.

Coming up next time….Rickshaws: The Aftermath.


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